Erotic Hypnosis

Welcome to Erotic Hypnosis.

This site will contain the most authoritative information available on the subject of erotic hypnosis. We will show you examples, proof, solutions, and general how to articles about all things related to this fetish. Over the coming months this site will become your hub when searching for anything related to this niche. We will have free solutions as well as professional paid solutions. We will address everything from videos, stories, audio, scripts, mp3’s, self hypnosis, slave, hands free, and more. We are very excited about our upcoming project as we ourselves have had much success using this in our relationship.

Before engaging in this niche my wife had a much lower sex drive than I, now we are pretty much equal. She also was more self conscious when trying new things sexually, now she is much bolder. I always had performance anxiety to a degree which I have been able to shed. We now have the sex life we both always wanted. We have planned sexual encounters doing kinky things we both enjoy and spontaneous encounters that are extremely gratifying. All these changes, all this improvement in our sex life is due to this wonderful niche.

There are many ways to practice this fetish. If both partners are willing then the direct method is usually used. The direct method is listening to meditative music with the hypnosis scripts audible to the listeners. The partners will choose what type of remedy then feel they need. For example maybe the man needs to better control his pre-mature ejaculation in order to make sexual encounters last longer. Maybe the woman needs to increase her libido so sexual encounters happen more often. These are just basic examples of what this fetish can do for you and your partner.

Erotic Hypnosis can also turn your normal run of the mill sex life into something exciting, kinky and wild. For example we will feature audio than will make a woman desire to have her partner ejaculate in her mouth. Many women find this uncomfortable for various reasons but after listening to the hypnotic audio they will feel heightened arousal by just the thought of this occurring. There is basically nothing that can not be changed using this discipline.

Please check back often for updates as we are working hard on our content and will be releasing more very soon. Thank you for visiting and we look forward to helping you achieve the sex life you have always dreamed of. Remember this isn’t about manipulation, it’s simply a vehicle, a tool for changing what one desires to change. We will also feature covert methods as well so that if one partner is so rigid to be resistant to the idea of change, change can still happen. In this case we use subliminal messages which are the hypnosis scripts embedded in relaxation music. The rigid partner will hear the music not knowing they are being reprogrammed sexually. There are many ways this discipline can be applied and we will offer all of them to you.